Monday, November 9, 2009

Wrestling Against the Powers of this World

The shooting at Fort Hood has made America sick to their collective stomach. It's not the first of its kind either. I am sick of the media and the military blaming this on stress or traumatic emotional damage. This was a cold, calculated, planned attack on Americans. This was suicidal treason for religious and political reasons.

I'm not going to rehash everything you've already heard and read about this story, but did you notice the uncanny timing. I was watching C-SPAN because I couldn't take the mainstream media's presentation of the tragedy. Guess what was on C-SPAN? They were showing a taped recording from an event held on Capitol Hill earlier in the day. Thousands of folks had gathered in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Capitol to stand against the House voting passage of Nancy Pelosi's health care bill. There were dozens of speakers from the Senate, House, and conservative media to encourage folks to make a last ditch effort to stop this horrendous monstrosity. They had a copy of the bill on the podium and it was 2 feet thick!!! It makes War and Peace look like a comic book. It imposes a $250,000 fine for NOT accepting government health care; does that sound like freedom? While this effort to get Americans to call their congressional representatives and provide their opinions of this bill was proceeding; a mass murderer was carrying out his insidious plan.

Normally, thousands of people gathered on the steps of Capitol Hill is newsworthy, but on this day it was not. A dark cloud quickly overshadowed any attention this media event would have normally received. If I hadn't of stumbled upon C-SPAN's coverage of it, I would never had known. The planning was for this event was obviously extensive as the list of speakers included Mike Pence, Michelle Bachman, Mark Levine, and many others. The crowd at the event appeared very large although it was difficult to tell from the camera angles provided.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe there was some super secret connection between Nancy Pelosi's legislative efforts and the timing of the terrorist attack on Fort Hood. Yelling "Allah Akbar" while shooting dozens of unarmed men and women is called "terrorism". From what I've seen, the media seems to have forgotten this; even Fox News.

So where is the connection, if any? Some of you are going to think I'm nuts, but I'm going to connect the dots for you. Abortion is the missing link.

Who has the most to gain from the passage of Pelosi's "healthcare" plan: the insurance companies, AMA, ACORN, AARP, illegals, the unemployed, China, the Democratic Party? How about none of the above. The one person with the most to gain is Satan. He has a murderous agenda that is carried out with each and every abortion. He has masterminded the killing of innocent children throughout all of history and he would love to see a system that makes abortions free.

I believe he pulled the strings on his puppet to murder Americans in an effort to overshadow any negative news coverage that the Pelosi bill would have gotten otherwise. Without the killing spree, the Conservatives are the lead story speaking out on Capital Hill. I'm sure MSNBC would have made fun of them and found (or hired) some lunatic dressed as a Nazi to be the centerpiece of their coverage; but at least it would have been on the news.

So what happened? The bill passed.

Once again, we are reminded that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against forces and powers of a supernatural element in this world. You may choose to think I'm crazy or that it was just a coincidence; but I do not believe in such things. We are in the midst of a massive war for all of the marbles! The good news is that the good guys have already won. You need to choose sides if you have not already done so. By the way, there is no Switzerland in this war.

Satan is tricky, but his Foe is wise, all-wise. Satan is intelligent, but his Creator is all-knowing. He never stood a chance opposing God.

Despite the passage of the bill, a group of staunch pro-life supporters were able to corner Nancy Pelosi into putting forth a vote to remove funded abortions from the bill. So for now, despite lack of media coverage; abortions will not be funded by this ridiculous government take-over of your health and wealth.

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  1. Wow! Awesome write up. I was actually watching the protest on Capitol Hill. I got busy doing other things and my sister called and asked if I was watching the news. She was the one who told me what was going on. I was shocked. You are right, they were getting coverage, and then all the attention was taken from this important issue to the shooting. The bill was passed in the middle of the night. That's right folks, while we were sleeping. I wonder why?